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The SafeSound personal alarm that saves lives!

Recent attacks on elderly people have prompted the police to encourage people to wear this tiny "SafeSound" safety device that can easily be used against attackers.
The SafeSound personal alarm that saves lives!
The SafeSound personal alarm that saves lives!

Studies show that assaults relating to theft, attempted theft, vandalism, sexual violence, violence against women, children and the elderly most often take place in public spaces. When a person is assaulted, they may be paralysed by fear while the surrounding noise may cover up their cries for help. This is why it is so important to have this safety device!

What is it?

This alarm made of ABS emits a sound of 125 dB that attracts attention and frightens potential attackers. In comparison, this is the same sound volume as a military aircraft taking off.
It is also very easy to use. Rather than a button that could easily be pressed by accident, the alarm has a pin. Once the pin is pulled, the device emits a piercing sound for up to 30 minutes, or until the pin is replaced. It can be used over and over again, and is easily attached to handbags, keys and backpacks thanks to its key ring. It is also small enough to fit in a pocket.

This alarm is suitable for everyone!

It does not require any special skills to operate and can be worn by young children as well as adults and the elderly. It is also commonly used by the latter as an alarm device in case of a fall.

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