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An ergonomic armrest to combine telecommuting and comfort

We are increasingly working from home, and yet the furniture in our homes is not always designed to offer good working conditions.
An ergonomic armrest to combine telecommuting and comfort
An ergonomic armrest to combine telecommuting and comfort

A small device christened Mouzen was designed to relieve tension in the wrists and shoulder pain resulting from an unsuitable working environment. It is an ergonomic armrest designed to optimise the position of the arms and reduce tension in the wrists and shoulders when working with a mouse and keyboard all day long.

Telecommuting: relieving tension and achieving the ideal posture

The Slovenian innovation consists of a shelf (ASA copolymer, polyamide and polyurethane) that clips onto the edge of the desk to create an additional space, fitted with a small swivelling cushion on which the arm can be rested. This ergonomic armrest will follow your movements and ensure optimal working conditions: it can pivot from left to right, and can also slide backwards and forwards when moving the mouse up or down.

The Mouzen was designed to enable the arm to slide freely and maintain it in a natural position while forcing users to adopt an upright posture which is ideal for the shoulders and back when in a seated position. It also helps to relieve tension in the wrists and shoulder pain often caused by bad posture and poor ergonomics, when using a mouse. It also puts an end to the friction caused by resting the arm or elbow on a traditional armrest or the edge of the desk.

A universal bracket: simple, stable and doesn’t leave a mark

The Mouzen is removable and easy to transport. It can be attached to any desk thanks to the feet and a clamping system integrated into the shelf, which can be adapted to any surface (from 0.5 cm to 5.5 cm) or angle, and can be fitted in less than 2 minutes.

The trademarked universal ErgoFlow™ clamping mechanism can bear a weight of up to 21 Kilos, guaranteeing excellent stability, rigidity and strength.
It took more than 1,000 hours of research and seven prototypes for the Slovenian company to finalise this ergonomic and sleek armrest offering optimised comfort.

The Mouzen is currently seeking financing on a crowdfunding platform.

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