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The ostrich pillow

The ostrich pillow
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The ostrich pillow

Created by designer/architect duo Kawamura-Ganjavia of Studio KG in Madrid, which also has offices in London and Lausanne, it is a portable object that acts as a cocoon, in which to relax and unwind, away from noise and light by creating a small private space in a busy area. It is ideal for taking a nap at work, in a train, a plane or at the airport.

The pillow, which looks like a giant hood, creates a mini-environment around the user's head, into which the hands can also be placed to keep them warm. Holes at nose and mouth level enable the user to breathe freely.

The concept came around from studies showing that twenty-minute micro-naps can improve productivity by up to 30%. Over the past decade, the amount of sleep people get has steadily decreased. Currently, we average 7 hours and 5 minutes and we have lost close to two hours in the space of two generations: we used to get around 8 hours of sleep 25 years ago, and 9 hours 50 years ago. Food for thought!

Both fun and functional, it is machine washable, soft and fluffy, fully adjustable and very pleasant thanks to its microfibers: 95% viscose and 5% elastane.

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