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An infinite variety of PVC floors

An infinite variety of PVC floors
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An infinite variety of PVC floors

Lino, old-fashioned? Not anymore!

Originally, linoleum referred to a material made up of a polyester or jute canvas covered with a mix of resin, cork, linseed oil and wood powder. It was invented in 1860 and was widely used for around one hundred and fifty years due to its high quality, strength and warmth.

However, true lino was gradually replaced by PVC (Polyvinylchloride) floors, although the term “lino” is still used to describe them.

The old-fashioned lino floors are a thing of the past. They are now finding favour among an increasingly larger audience! They remain the most affordable solution for decorating an interior.

Ultra-realistic, comfortable and durable, PVC flooring is made up of several layers. Its high quality makes it very robust, it is stain- and scratch-proof, has a nice matte finish and some are guaranteed up to 25 years!

Vinyl floors, the kings of imitation

Aesthetically-pleasing and functional, imitation oak parquet, cement tiles, waxed concrete vinyl floors are suitable for every room in the home. They reproduce the appearance and texture of various types of floors perfectly. Some of them have graphic patterns, creating an original and modern effect. And all of them are available in a wide range of colours.

PVC floors are very easy to lay, and to live with

They are available in rolls (to be laid using glue) as well as in tiles and slats (to be glued or clipped together). They are ultra-thin (some are less than 4mm thick) and can be placed over a previously installed covering without having to plane the undersides of doors.

They are waterproof and therefore particularly suited for kitchens and bathrooms. They are pleasant to walk on barefoot, are good phonic insulators, easy to maintain, and thus bring a touch of comfort to living rooms and bedrooms. Some models have an anti-slip surface to keep children and the elderly safe.

Combining decorative patterns, colours and formats creates an original designer appearance, with reproductions of old-style chevrons, a checkerboard design or a trompe-l’oeil carpet, for instance. The printed patterns offer an infinite variety of combinations of wood types and colours.

A new “iD Supernature & Tattoo” collection of modular vinyl slats offers many options for customisation with exclusive wood and stone textures available in 16 different colours. A selection of 10 different tattoos can also be printed directly onto the vinyl flooring, offering free reign to your imagination in customising your own floor.

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