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Bob, the eco-friendly and smart mini dishwasher

After many setbacks, Bob, the revolutionary little dishwasher that made headlines three years ago, is now on the market. Still as water efficient as ever, it is even more sustainable as it is now made from 50% recycled plastic.
Bob, the eco-friendly and smart mini dishwasher
Bob, the eco-friendly and smart mini dishwasher

The three years that have passed since its triumph at CES Las Vegas (the world's largest electronics show) have not been a smooth ride ... Despite having had to contend with financial problems, the health crisis and delivery delays, Bob’s creators never threw in the towel! And they were right to stay the course, because today, 3,000 Bobs are produced every month at the Daan Tech factory in the Vendée region of France.

50% recycled plastic and water-efficient: an environmentally-friendly dishwasher

Designed to wash the daily tableware of 1 or 2 people, Bob takes up no space at all. Lightweight at 10kgs, it can be placed almost anywhere as it does not require a water supply. All it needs to operate properly is an electrical socket. Simply plug it in, fill it with water and the job is done. Make no mistake, however, as Bob’s simplistic appearance belies a true miracle worker able to wash, clean and dry dishes in just 20 minutes. In addition to being fast, efficient, compact and practical, Bob is above all very economical. It consumes only 0.35 kWh per cycle and uses only 3 litres of water per load, five times less than consumed when doing the washing-up by hand (for a capacity of four glasses, four plates and four pieces of cutlery). Taking the concept one step further, its founders, eager to meet the challenges of the circular economy with an appliance designed to last at least 10 years, without planned obsolescence, chose to manufacture it with at least 50% recycled plastic. This makes it the most eco-friendly dishwasher in the world.

When technology rhymes with design

Although eco-friendly, it still contains technology. In fact, Bob is positively packed with innovation! Its operating system is "Bob OS", a small computer program developed by Daan tech. Multiple programs, LCD screen, automatic magnetic opening, wi-fi function, and more, ensure that this latest addition to the ranks of larger household appliances has no reason to envy any of them. Proof of this is its retro, rounded and colourful look. It can even be customised as it is available in 12 different colours with 24 possible combinations.

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