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CTRUS, a revolutionary football

CTRUS, a revolutionary football
CTRUS, a revolutionary football

This could be the ball of the 21st century: transparent, with an internal structure called the “skelle-core” and a synthetic outer skin, CTRUS can change colour according to where it is situated, via a GPS connector with a chip.

“No, it wasn’t a goal” or “the ball was out” - no more of those errors of judgment and post-match discussions: CTRUS can be programmed to change colour once it crosses the goal line or goes out of play. And for lovers of statistics and records, the chip can also calculate the power with which the ball was struck or the speed of the ball itself. 
Produced by the design agency AGENT, CTRUS is a real technological

breakthrough in the world of football. However, this innovation, which has not yet been officially approved by the sports bodies, raises several questions: apart from its price, there is also the problem of equipping stadiums so that they can interact with the technological gem. Another big question remains. CTRUS determines its position on the pitch via a GPS receptor: what about the margin of error inherent in this system? Can it be more reliable than the human eye in all circumstances?

In any case, there may be a lot of talk about this ball at the moment but for all that, refereeing problems are not over yet!

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