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Fight the noise!

Fight the noise!
Fight the noise!

How do you keep out the roar of a stadium crowd, preserve the productive silence of an office or the pin-drop tranquility of a recording studio and still give architects maximum flexibility? The answer is Germany's Mehler Texnologies’ Sound Absorption project using PVC-coated textiles to keep noise under control.
“It’s well known that sound-reflecting surfaces amplify noise pollution,” explains Dr. Christian Callhoff, R&D manager at Mehler. “We wanted to develop innovative solutions to our high-tech coated fabrics which we have been manufacturing for more than 60 years.”

How do you absorb sound with textiles?  “We thought; why not add dimensionally stable micropores in the structure,” says the project engineer Carina Erdmann. “This can reduce the sound reflection and maintain the esthetics and mechanical characteristics.”

The idea was so novel that it was patented, and Mehler has gone worldwide with its creation. The technology is already in membranes being used for interiors and facades in sports stadiums. They are also dampening the engine noise in boats and ensuring a perfect environment for sound recording studios.
Best ideas are often the simple, and Mehler offers a new dimension in innovative interior design, thanks to some small holes on PVC coated fabrics. No more ugly egg cartons on the walls!

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