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Embr Wave: a bracelet that regulates body temperature

Embr Wave: a bracelet that regulates body temperature
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Embr Wave: a bracelet that regulates body temperature

At the CES 2019 (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, Embr Labs unveiled a new, wearable, smart and innovative device, namely a personal thermostat with the ability to cool down or heat up the body upon demand.

We all have a colleague who shivers behind their desk while others are in their shirts and asking to open up the windows. Some other are always running hot, in summer and winter alike.

Heating up or cooling down on demand

By heating or cooling the wrist, the Embr Wave bracelet is designed to temporarily trick the brain into reacting based on the signals received from the body. In this specific case, it acts on our perception of the ambient temperature.
The bracelet gives off scientifically-developed waves that precisely stimulate the body’s thermo-receptors by exploiting the body’s natural systems in order to heat up or cool down the user upon demand. For instance, when an ice cube or a cup of hot coffee is applied to areas of the body containing a large concentration of nerve endings (in this case the inner wrist) will rapidly and significantly change the  person’s body heat.
Depending on the selected setting, the bracelet generates a small amount of hot or cold waves which can lead to a change of up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit after just three minutes.

A small, smart, simple and wearable device

This small smart device is very easy to use: an LED strip lets users select a mode: the light turns blue for cold and red for hot. The wrist controls serve to control the perceived temperature, in 3-minute cycles for cooling down and in 5-minute cycles for heating up. 

In order to optimise the interface’s optical performance, the Embr Wave’s designers – researchers that graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - selected Makrolon, a polycarbonate offering a balanced combination of properties suitable for applications in electronics, computing and communications.

Thermal well-being

Because it could help avoid arguments about air conditioning in the workplace, in the car while on holiday or in the hotel room on the other side of the world, the Embr Wave could be of public benefit! 
More seriously, it could be a revolutionary solution for protecting the elderly – in particular isolated persons, from excess heat  in summer and hypothermia in winter.

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