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Ski slopes on the roof of a waste treatment centre

Danish architect’s firm BIG has a slightly loopy project in mind: creating an artificial ski slope on the roof of a waste treatment centre. Their project is about to come to fruition and is scheduled to open to the general public in the spring of 2019.
Ski slopes on the roof of a waste treatment centre
Ski slopes on the roof of a waste treatment centre

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, will be hosting the unprecedented project devised by the Bjarke Ingels Group Agency: the Amager Bakke, a sophisticated technological facility which, in addition to fulfilling its purpose of converting 400,000 tonnes of waste per year into enough energy to power 60,000 homes, hopes to become a place for relaxation and a tourist attraction for citizens.

A model of energy recovery

The architects have designed one of the world’s most efficient and respectful energy recovery facilities using the latest technological developments in the field of waste elimination and management. At the same time, by covering the sloped roof with one of the world’s longest artificial ski slopes, they have created interest for an infrastructure that inhabitants often find it difficult to accept in their areas. The Amager Bakke is located 10 minutes away from the centre of Copenhagen and will be one of the city’s tallest and most visible buildings.

An urban mountain

Two green ski slopes and two blue ski slopes covered in artificial snow will be open to the public around the year. They will be fitted with moving walkways and chairlifts to convey users to the “summit”. The 10,000 square meter skiing surface, created by Neveplast, will be coloured in five shades of green, from light green at the centre of the slope to black on the edges.

From a waste treatment centre to the tourist attraction of the future

The roof will also have green spaces, 10 hiking and racing trails (with slopes between 5% and 35%). Parts of the façades will mimic some of the planet’s most famous climbing spots and the climbing wall will be one of the world’s highest (80 meters). The end of the factory’s ramp could accommodate a sled run. Finally, those for whom sport is not their cup of tea can find refuge in the café, also located on the roof, which will offer an unrivalled view over Copenhagen.

The Amager Bakke and its ski area also known as Copenhill, is scheduled to open in the spring of 2019. Its aims are twofold: redefining the relationship between the waste treatment plant and city, becoming one of the Danish capital’s main tourist destinations. In short, the perfect example of what its designers call “hedonistic sustainability”.

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