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Everblock, a life-size Lego

Everblock, a life-size Lego
Everblock, a life-size Lego

A New York-based company plans to build modular furniture, shelves, desks and even partitions with giant plastic bricks.

Although the idea may have crossed the minds of some die-hard fans of Lego's little brick, New York-based entrepreneur Arnon Rosan is the first to bring it to life. His company, Everblock, plans to build modular furniture and partitions of all kinds thanks to oversized polypropylene building blocks which can be assembled without glue or tools, at an affordable price.

Available in four different sizes and a wide variety of colours, they can be reinforced with steel rods, wood or PVC reinforcements, in particular for building walls.
The American company also wishes to make this modular, reusable and easy-to-deploy concept available during natural disasters. The bricks are light, easy to assemble and clean, are resistant to weather conditions and are hygienic. They can be used to build temporary shelters, medical facilities or storage structures. There is a strong need for rigid shelters that are easy to transport, durable and solid," explained Arnon Rosan. "Rigid walls offer a higher level of protection than tents. And the shelters can be equipped with air conditioning."

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