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Kupu, a designer smoke alarm

Kupu, a designer smoke alarm
Kupu, a designer smoke alarm

Finnish fire protection systems specialist Jalo and designer Harri Koskinen have teamed up to create Kupu, a smoke detector that puts conventional alarms in the shade.

This world-renowned Finnish designer already has numerous awards to his credit, including Italy’s "Compasso d'Oro Award," Sweden’s "Torsten and Wanja Söderberg’s  Prize," and Germany’s "Design Plus Award 2011.” 
With Kupu, he picks up two more prestigious accolades: the Red Dot Design Award 2011 and the Design Award 2012.

With sleek, organic lines, a compact shape (11 x 11 cm) and a super-strokeable fabric cover, Kupu is made in ABS. A very stylish and discreet home guard that comes at a budget-friendly price!
It is available in a wide range of colours. Choose white to blend with the ceiling, chrome for a style statement, or blush pink to colour-coordinate with the cushions!

Kupu couldn’t be easier or quicker to install: it requires no screws or drilling, just the adhesive tape supplied with it!
Kupu’s photoelectric sensors continuously monitor the air in the room. As soon as it detects smoke particles, it sets off an 85 dBA alarm that you can’t ignore! It has no push buttons - the whole external casing acts as a press switch. Simply press it to silence alarms when no longer needed.

Powered by a lithium battery with a five-year lifetime, the Kupu alarm warns you of a fire even during a power cut.

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