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Keep cool!

Keep cool!
Keep cool!

Far from the typical scene on American TV with SUVs running at full speed, lights and sirens on, vital medical supplies are transported daily in European cities - discreetly, without interrupting our sleep… or the vital refrigerated supply chain.

One of the major actors of this European urban road movie is Sofrigam, a company which created isotherm packaging made of polyurethane panels which use their own gel accumulators. One of their star products is an insulated cooling pouch specially adapted for the transport of thermo sensitive drugs.
The insulation barrier limits thermal exchanges with the environment and the cooling source keeps the temperature right for up to two hours. Once the product is enclosed in its package, it does not need any other energy: it can be transported in regular vehicles driven by regular drivers.
If we want lights and sirens, we’ll watch « 24 » on TV…

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