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The Box, next-generation packaging

LivingPackets, a start-up from Nantes, France, and its German partner Storopack have developed a smart packaging solution designed for e-commerce.
The Box, next-generation packaging
The Box, next-generation packaging

With this connected packaging that can be re-used up to a thousand times, it is now possible to track parcels and, above all, to be sure that the products inside are delivered in good condition.

Connected packaging adapted to the transport of e-commerce products

Simply called The Box, this innovative type of packaging is fitted with various technologies, including a camera, an Internet connection and various sensors, which allow the sender to monitor the contents in real time via geolocation, temperature, humidity, shock and opening control data. A patented automatic cushioning system generates almost no waste, as the packing materials usually found in parcels are no longer needed.

This connected package, which can be used for contents weighing up to 5kg, also has a digital display. It replaces the traditional label with sender and recipient information. For product returns, customers simply press the dedicated button, thus improving "the online shopping experience of Internet users who will be able to pay for their orders only upon receiving the package".

A secure package with a limited environmental impact

When designing its box, LivingPackets opted to use expanded polypropylene (EPP), an extremely light, particularly resistant and robust plastic material. The material is also available in large quantities. However, the start-up chooses to use mainly recycled expanded polypropylene, and the product currently on the market comprises 25% of the recycled material.

Partly recycled but also entirely recyclable, The Box is foldable and modular, and above all it is guaranteed for more than 1,000 uses. A private individual will be able to keep The Box for a new shipment after having received their package in perfect condition. They can also leave it with a partner which will put it back into circulation.

And that's what makes it so interesting: a box offering fully secure transport that puts an end to packaging waste in the e-commerce sector, in a 100% circular approach.

An operational Box designed for success

The Box is not only packed with sensors, it is also packed with patents - 35 to date - and international awards. In 2020, it received the Innovation Award at CES 2020 as well as the "Seal of Excellence" award, a designation issued by the European Commission to reward worthy projects. It also distinguished itself at the Pack the Future 2020 competition, receiving the "Outstanding Innovation of the Year" award.

All the conditions are now in place for The Box to take off! After the success of pilot programmes with major groups such as Cdiscount, Orange and Chronopost, LivingPackets has entered into a partnership to produce its innovation on a large scale with Europe Technologies, an international group that supplies products, processes and innovative technologies to companies in the industrial sector. The aim is to produce 100,000 units of The Box per year, initially for Germany, Switzerland and France.

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