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La Spumante, 100% PET packaging for sparkling wine

La Spumante, a PET bottle for sparkling wine designed and produced by Italian company SIPA, is a brand-new addition to the world of packaging. This innovative project has recently won an award at Worldstar 2024, after winning the competition for the best packaging in 2023 at Milan Design Week.
La Spumante, 100% PET packaging for sparkling wine
La Spumante, 100% PET packaging for sparkling wine

It is thus the first time that a bottle of sparkling wine has been made from 100% PET or recycled PET (rPET), and its success can be attributed to a number of reasons.

A lightweight, unbreakable bottle of wine

In terms of functionality, La Spumante is unbreakable, making it a real gamechanger when it comes to safety, especially in terms of transport and logistics and when organising events and gatherings. It’s also featherlight, weighing just 90 g compared to an average of 720/750 g for a glass bottle: unbreakable and lightweight, two decisive factors in the face of the growing trend towards online sales and home delivery.

In environmental terms, this drastic reduction in weight has a significant positive impact on CO2 emissions, thanks to more efficient logistics and a production method that also reduces impact. For example, with traditional lorry transport, a maximum of 21 pallets of glass bottles can be transported, whereas 32 pallets of La Spumante PET bottles can be loaded without exceeding the legally permitted weight.

Last but not least, the design of La Spumante is very similar to that of a glass bottle. Its neck offers the same mechanical properties, which means that the same standard capping methods can be used. Its close resemblance to glass containers, including its base, guarantees seamless integration into filling lines designed for glass bottles, ensuring total interchangeability.

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