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Luggage, a range of plastics

Travel bag or suitcase? Hard shell or soft suitcase? Cabin or hold luggage?
Luggage, a range of plastics
Luggage, a range of plastics

Whether it is for a long flight, a trip by train, by car or simply a hike in the mountains, our luggage has one thing in common: it is all (or almost all) made of plastic.

Luggage that combines durability, style and functionality

Polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS, ABS/polyester for lightweight, rigid hulls that are highly resistant to knocks and scratches; polyester, nylon and Cordura for flexible suitcases, travel bags and backpacks that are tough, waterproof and easy to use and maintain. Luggage designers have a whole range of plastics at their disposal to meet the two main criteria users look for when buying luggage: strength and lightness.

But also environmentally responsible!

They are moving with the times by offering more environmentally friendly products that perfectly combine practicality and eco-responsibility. Thanks to the development of innovative designs and advanced functionalities, some of the most prestigious brands offer models made from recycled or upcycled plastics, without compromising on durability, aesthetics or design.

For example, the fabric used to line suitcases can be made from 100% recycled PET bottles or nylon from used fishing nets. For the outer shells of suitcases, recycled polypropylene from post-consumer plastic packaging waste is used, or recycled polycarbonate.

Many soft luggage collections (wheeled suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, etc.) are now made from recycled PET and polyester. Some brands have also turned to upcycling, designing bags and backpacks from technical products at the end of their life cycle, such as kayaks, tents, zodiacs and lorry tarpaulins.

Eco-designed, recycled and recyclable… some luggage is now also easy to repair, thanks to a small tool supplied with the bag that allows users to repair broken parts themselves, such as wheels or handles.

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