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Fugu, puffed-up luggage

Fugu, puffed-up luggage
Fugu, puffed-up luggage

Fugu Luggage intends to innovate in a market that has not evolved much over the past 30 years: resistant, impermeable, multifunctional and, most importantly, scalable - the Fugu suitcase will make you want to travel!

Travellers who are used to the good old standard suitcase often ask themselves the same question: is my luggage suited to my trip? A legitimate question, particularly given that we often know what we will be taking with us, but not what we will be bringing back! And leaving with several pieces of luggage creates logistical constraints.
Israeli company Fugu Luggage seems to have cracked the problem by developing a multifunctional suitcase whose size can be changed according to the needs of each specific trip. It can transform from a carry-on into a full-sized suitcase thanks to extendable compressed air PVC walls that can withstand high pressure. It can therefore increase its carrying capacity from 40 to 120 litres in no time at all. The Israeli company calls it "the Mary Poppins suitcase" as it can serve as a temporary desk, it has a coat rack to hang shirts and clothes without creasing them, and it has a special pouch for a portable computer which can be accessed without opening the main compartment of the suitcase. It is extremely solid thanks to its ABS shells, and is resistant against impacts and water while offering great manoeuvrability.
The project, which was first presented on Kickstarter, has far exceeded its initial funding aims.

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