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Myelin, an urban helmet designed to be disassembled

POC, a Swedish brand specialised in protective sports equipment, has unveiled Myelin, a helmet designed for urban cyclists. It is the first helmet from POC to be made with recycled materials, and above all, each of its components is designed to be entirely recycled at the end of its life. In short, it is a helmet designed to be disassembled.
Myelin, an urban helmet designed to be disassembled
Myelin, an urban helmet designed to be disassembled

Since its creation in 2005, POC, the leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body protection and clothing, has made it its mission to "protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and those inspired to become athletes". When it set out to design the Myelin helmet, the company embarked on a new challenge: "challenging the idea that safety and sustainability obviously cannot coexist in a helmet".

To do this, it adopted a circular economy approach with the aim of challenging the conventional way of creating a helmet: by imagining how to make it so that it could be disassembled and all its constituent parts reused as best as possible.

A helmet that protects the planet's resources as much as it does the cyclists.

The Myelin is a helmet designed for all cyclists, for everyday use and commuting.

While the internal structure of the helmet is made of expanded polystyrene to provide optimal protection, the manufacturer opted to use recycled polyester for the upper part of the shell. The lower part is made of recycled nylon and the outer shell is made of recycled fibres. The straps and pads are made of recycled polyester.

Sophisticated, but not complex, to minimise its impact on the planet

In total, half of this eco-designed helmet is made from recycled plastics. The different parts are assembled together without glue thanks to fasteners strategically placed under the outer shell of woven recycled fibres, thus avoiding having to use adhesives and lamination processes. Once the helmet has reached the end of its life, it is easy to cut away the fasteners and dismantle the "parts" that make up the helmet. The helmet is then disassembled into its constituent parts. Once broken down, the materials can be recycled and used again. It should be noted that the helmet has been designed to be easily dismantled by all users, without special tools.

A helmet combining eco-design, innovation and performance

The new adjustment system inspired by snapback baseball caps perfectly illustrates POC's innovative approach to separating the different parts of the Myelin. It allows the helmet size to be adjusted very simply, as often as needed. The straps are made of a single piece that runs through the entire helmet for a more secure fit, rather than using anchor points moulded into the expanded polystyrene. 

The Myelin perfectly exemplifies POC's "Whole Helmet Concept™", where each component and part of the helmet has been designed to enhance the whole. While the helmet represents an important step in its strategy, the manufacturer has in mind to transfer the fruit of its research and testing on the use of responsible resources to as many of its models as possible in the future. The aim is to design high-quality, high-tech models that provide maximum safety and protection for users, while minimising their negative impact on the planet as much as possible.

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