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Loftcube©, the really mobile home

Loftcube©, the really mobile home
Loftcube©, the really mobile home

"Loftcube©" is a mobile, highly customizable and futuristic living space concept created by German designer Werner Aisslinger. There are currently six "Loft Cubes" in the world, but only one, located in the Belgian Ardennes, less than an hour from Brussels, is used in the hospitality industry; the others are all at private homes.
According to Werner Aisslinger, successful architecture is a fusion of light, view, closeness and individuality. A devotee of non-standard shapes and materials, he loves to play around with the functions of objects and create new concepts.

The pod homes themselves are entirely in polyester, mostly 6.25 metres long and standing 2.50 metres high, giving a total surface area of 39 square metres, with the biggest able to provide up to 50 sq.m. The prefabs are very lightweight, making them easy to transport. They can be assembled in two days and disassembled in under 24 hours. The interior lacks nothing: living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen areas, all bathed in ample daylight through the floor-to-ceiling windows that make up the home.

These houses therefore offer all the luxuries of a modern home with options such as swimming pools, jacuzzis and saunas, and are fully customisable (from a choice of facades, removable roofs, coverings, etc.).The "Loftcube©" offers 360-degree views and (if you have or can get a helicopter, crane or truck) lets you spend winter in the Thames docklands and summer on the Mediterranean without leaving your living room. You, too, can cocoon yourself in a very limited-edition home at an affordable price of between €90,000 and €110,000. 
The interior, including worktops, kitchen counters, shower walls and sinks, is mostly in Corian®. The bathroom walls are a sliding panel system with surfaces also in Corian® (DuPont™).
Loftcube© was awarded the Compasso d'Oro in Milan and a German Design Prize.

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