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Must-have for the holidays – the Campingaz® coolbox!

It is one of the must-haves for the summer. In the tent, in the mobile home, on the beach for an aperitif with friends or any other outdoor meal, the coolbox is synonymous with holidays, sunshine, warmth and nature.
Must-have for the holidays – the Campingaz® coolbox!
Must-have for the holidays – the Campingaz® coolbox!

The Campingaz® coolbox’s unique and patented blue and white signature colours make it instantly recognisable. This very solid box with handles to close the lid, a double wall and an insulating layer ensured that food is kept at an appropriate temperature and drinks remain cool.

The box and lid are insulated with polyurethane foam, the highest-quality material offering the best insulation.
The coolbox can also be used as a seat, and its lid can be used as a serving tray.

Since 1975 and for over 40 years, the blue and white coolboxes have been used by generations of consumers and outdoor enthusiasts because they are safe, reliable and well-designed products that offer the best possible results. The latest models come with a newly-designed lid featuring an anti-drip system that extends over the edge of the box.

Neither mould nor bacteria!

An antimicrobial treatment, obtained through an additive which is melted into the plastic, prevents the proliferation of mould and bacteria and prevents bad smells. This means that the antimicrobial layer is applied “for life” and cannot be removed or deteriorate over time.

Electric or classic

Designed for long car trips, the electric coolbox keeps perishable food cool when plugged into the cigarette lighter socket or mains power, thanks to the motor integrated into the lid. The more affordable classic models keep the food at a low temperature for up to seven hours, provided of course that ice packs are placed inside.

Large, small, rigid or flexible, electric or classic, fun, simple, and more. There is a very wide selection of different coolboxes ready to come along with you on sunny days!

Campingaz®, a typically “Made in France” brand although it has been owned by Coleman since 1998, is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and can boast of being number 1 in France, Switzerland and Italy, number 2 in Belgium, and a rapidly-growing contender in Germany.

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