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Pillows filled with sustainable fibres

On the occasion of Oceans Day on 8 June, ADVANSA, a European manufacturer of polyester fibres for bedding, launched a new filling fibre for duvets, pillows and mattresses.
Pillows filled with sustainable fibres
Pillows filled with sustainable fibres

Made from recycled plastics, it has come a long way before filling taking on this new role!

Monetizing plastic waste in order to reclaim it and convert it into an opportunity for profit

This fibre filling was born under the initiative of Plastic Bank, a Canadian social enterprise founded in 2013 by two North Americans, David Katz and Shaun Frankson. The two partners’ objective was to reduce the quantity of plastic waste ending up in the oceans, while improving the lives of people experiencing poverty, in particular in those countries with insufficient or non-existent waste treatment infrastructures. To this end, they encouraged the local population to collect the plastic waste littering the streets and beaches and bring it to specialised centres. The collected plastic waste is then exchanged against money, goods or services. The local company will then treat the waste and send it to a factory where it will be converted into raw materials. The result: a high-quality plastic, a recycled polyester fibre that will be reintegrated into the plastics value chain under the “Social Plastic” brand name.

Thanks to this label, the recycled plastic is sold at a higher price than the market price to large groups, such as ADVANSA and others…

… and finds its way into our pillows, having participated in the creation of new jobs and in combatting plastic waste pollution in the oceans!

ADVANSA aims to convert 1,000 tonnes of Social Plastic®, amounting to approximately 50 million recycled bottles from Plastic Bank recycling centres (mainly located in the Philippines and Indonesia) into filling fibre.

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