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A self-inflating safety device

Summer is fast approaching, and that means days at the beach, at the pool or lakeside, as well as boat trips. However, caution must be exercised, as drowning remains one of the top 10 causes of death, with more than 370,000 drowning each year worldwide, i.e. 42 people per hour.
A self-inflating safety device
A self-inflating safety device

In order to ensure that a moment of fun and pleasure does not turn to disaster, and to ensure that something can be done in case of danger, a small, ultra-compact life preserver has been developed. The special feature that sets it apart is that it self-inflates as soon as it comes into contact with water.

A compact, portable and re-usable life preserver

The features that make OneUP unique are its small size and its light weight: measuring a little over 19 cm and weighing in at 360 g, its shape is that of a small cylinder which can be easily carried around in a beach bag or a backpack. OneUP is made up of a polyurethane float and a Co2 cartridge which are both housed in a small waterproof pouch. Its compact format makes it possible to take it everywhere and be ready in case of an emergency. It can also be thrown further and more precisely to a person in danger of drowning as it will not be affected by the wind or currents. The life preserver will only open on contact with water: a system using a salt capsule will dissolve and release a spring which will trigger the opening mechanism on the CO2 bottle, inflating the life preserver in under 3 seconds! Its open ring design is particularly suited to children, but also adults of all sizes, up to a weight of 150 kg.

Once the life preserver has been used, the salt/CO2 kit must be replaced. The life preserver can then be folded back up and placed in its pouch, ready for the next use!

A small safety device for a great cause

Marketed in 2018 by the Spanish company of the same name, OneUP was invented in 2015 by Saul de Leon Arteta: "OneUP was created in response to the particularly worrying situation experienced by migrants. One life preserver for a hundred victims? That is unthinkable. I devised OneUP as a solution for saving many lives as quickly as possible ".

Since then, the small life preserver has won many innovation awards and has been adopted by renowned organisations such as Securitas Norway, the Spanish Red Cross, the Spanish Coast Guard, SOS Méditerranée and the Paris Civil Defence agency.

This summer should find OneUP emergency stations containing 3 life preservers on unsupervised coastlines, in swimming pools and in harbours.

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