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Poimo: the 1st inflatable electric bicycle!

How about reinventing urban mobility with an electric bicycle? Poimo (POrtable and Inflatable MObility) is a unique concept giving new wind to the concept of electric bicycles. A real godsend for getting around easily in urban areas. An inflatable invention that fits in a backpack!
Poimo: the 1st inflatable electric bicycle!
Poimo: the 1st inflatable electric bicycle!

Developed at the University of Tokyo, the e-bike can be inflated using an air pump. The vehicle is upright in just a minute’s time. It can then be fitted with its other components such as the wheels, the battery, and a wireless controller for the handles.
The inflated structure made from polyurethane, a wear and shock-resistant plastic, only weighs 5.5 kg, which is relatively light.
Once the bicycle has been fully assembled, it has a unique appearance that will not let it go unnoticed.

How does the Poimo electric bicycle work?

When riding the bicycle, leaning the body left or right helps to direct the vehicle in the chosen direction using the handles. The rider’s feet rest on brackets located on either side of the bicycle. Finally, the four wheels provide the stability required to avoid the accidents that can so easily happen in crowded urban areas! It is pleasant to ride, and extra customisation features make it sure to please the whole family.

This e-bike, which is ideal for short shopping trips in the city and journeys under 2 km, still requires some optimisation before being launched on the market and gaining a large uptake.
The Poimo is an electric bicycle unlike any other, although it is still at the prototype stage. Designed for the city of the future, as Mr. Niiyama, one of the researchers, stated, it could become the mobile transport solution of tomorrow.

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