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Saddle up with composites!

Saddle up with composites!
Saddle up with composites!

With the development of new technologies, lighter and more comfortable equipment has enabled athletes to achieve levels of performance that were not dreamt of just a few years ago.

Although these technological advances have gradually conquered the world of sports, be it cycling, sailing, golf or skiing, there is a sector which highly prizes traditional materials and which is not inclined to seek out any form of novelty: the equestrian world.

Martin Ryan, a young Irish inventor, hopes to change attitudes following the development of a riding saddle made of high-performance composite materials. 
Manufactured by ÉireComposites, and its partner BUA Saddles, the cantilever saddle is flexible and responsive, and provides maximum comfort for horse and rider alike. It enables man and beast to move freely with no extra effort required, regardless of the horse's gait. The saddletree, made from a mixture of fiberglass/polypropylene material, contributed to the design of an innovative, economical, water-resistant, solid and light saddle weighing around 4 kg, which is 6 kg lighter than traditional saddles.

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