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Self-healing iPhone case

Self-healing iPhone case
Self-healing iPhone case

Nissan is better known for its range of cars than for gadgets for smartphones. However! The famous brand was inspired by one of its innovations in the field of car paint to launch some new derivative products. In collaboration with the University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc, it has developed a specially designed shell for the iPhone, the “Scratch Shield”, which can repair itself without assistance whenever there is a scratch.
This protective shell made from ABS plastic is covered with a self-regenerating polyrotaxane-based paint that automatically makes all little scratches disappear. The chemical structure of this nanotechnology reacts to change and returns the shell to its original condition by filling the grooves that have formed. Smaller scratches are repaired in one hour, but more serious damage may take at least a week. 

The shell has two other advantages. Composed of a tactile gel surface, it is more shock-resistant and therefore more scratch-resistant and has better grip. The ABS plastic shell, currently used in the automobile industry, is also extremely strong and rigid.
For the moment, this model is just a prototype being presented to the media. If the covering proves to react well after numerous tests, Nissan may be able to start mass production in the coming months with a view to marketing on a global scale.

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