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Step by step

A small revolution is afoot…with the arrival on the market of a new concept for garden landscaping: a modular staircase christened Modulesca that can be quickly and easily laid down without any formwork.

All you will need is a shovel, a spirit level and a screwdriver, to clear away the strip of earth on which the stairs will be laid down, and to set up the first fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene staircase. Its low weight means that it can be easily positioned to create a straight or curved staircase. The first extremely resistant and rot-proof block can be filled with gravel, and all that remains to be done is to stack one step on top of the next, and to decorate the staircase with rocks or wood according to taste.  

An impeccable staircase created in record time and with no effort required! 
This invention from French plasturgist TMP was awarded the 2014 Janus award for Industry, rewarding companies and communities that strive for progress at the service of People, Industry and the City.

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