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SurgiField, cutting-edge surgical equipment for any location

To enable doctors to perform life-saving surgery in the midst of war zones and other extreme or hostile situations, SurgiBox Inc—a technology start-up based in Cambridge, Massachusetts—has created SurgiField, a state-of-the-art, ultraportable, sterile medical device.
SurgiField, cutting-edge surgical equipment for any location
SurgiField, cutting-edge surgical equipment for any location

Finding a sterile environment for quick intervention and surgery in the event of an attack is a key challenge faced by doctors in conflict zones, and lightweight, easy-to-use equipment is crucial.

A portable operating theatre in a rucksack

The SurgiField™ system is an ultraportable battery-powered sterile environment. Fitting most patient sizes and anatomies, it consists of a SurgiBubble™, a single-use, sterile medical device made of transparent plastic to prevent cross-contamination between operations. A rechargeable battery inflates the device in less than two minutes and powers the air circulation system to keep it sterile. It then covers the patient, allowing the surgeon or doctor to perform safe surgery by placing their arms into the integrated gloves without breaking the surgical bubble. This device reinvents the concept of “safe surgery”: rather than requiring an entire operating theatre and protecting everyone in it, emphasis has been placed on the operating field itself. A simple, low-cost technical solution to a common medical problem, its designers claim it offers a significant improvement over the current surgical sheets—and at a similar price.
Portable and ultra-lightweight, the SurgiField weighs less than five kilograms and fits into a 30-litre rucksack. This ready-to-use kit deploys quickly and is easy to replace. Although it can be used for all operations, including caesarean sections, it has been designed primarily for thoracic, abdominal, orthopaedic and pelvic procedures, which are the most common in the field.

Revolutionising healthcare in conflict and disaster zones.

This ingenious device was designed seven years ago by Dr Teodorescu, and the current model is the sixth of its generation. She first came up with the idea when she was studying medicine after her thesis supervisor told her about the difficulties of performing surgery following the earthquake in Haiti. “As an idealistic student, I thought this seemed insane,” says Dr Teodorescu. “So, I started working with the idea of a transportable surgical box, like a glove box. The idea has changed since then, but that is where the name came from.”
SurgiBox Inc recently announced a partnership with Ukrainian organisations where they provide SurgiField portable surgical kits. In total, SurgiBox has donated over 80 units to five frontline hospitals to support safe surgery across Ukraine.

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