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Suspended roof

Suspended roof
Suspended roof

The Euro 2012 championship is the biggest event in the football world after the World Cup. It is to be held in Poland and Ukraine between 08 June and 01 July 2012.
“The stadiums are often flagship buildings for a city or a country and the architects try to create new and unique shapes, particularly enormous roofs with spectacular curved glazing,” says Lennard Markestein, Speciality Film & Sheet World Marketing Director at SABIC Innovative Plastics, “The massive size of these roofs, their exposure to wind and bad weather and the global tendency to increase the climatic loads for large structures all mean that appropriate lightweight glazing materials are essential,” he continues.

For this event, Poland has followed the trend in deciding to cover the Slaski stadium in Chorzów with a suspended roof of 43,000 m2. To withstand the high winds and snow loads typical of the region, the new ultra-rigid Lexan Thermoclear multiwall polycarbonate sheet, from SABIC Innovative Plastics, was selected. This material with its X-structure and three walls of 25 millimetres will protect up to 55,200 spectators from the elements at Slaski stadium and, at the same time, allow natural daylight to flood the stadium, where the teams, on the pitch, will be less affected by gusts of wind. 

The Lexan Thermoclear sheets are given a UV-resistant coating on both sides to protect spectators from the sun’s rays and also to prevent the yellowing of the polycarbonate.

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