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The Dock : surf's up, but no paddling required

The Dock : surf's up, but no paddling required
The Dock : surf's up, but no paddling required

Bali, the place to be for the world's surfing community, saw the inauguration of a floating dock enabling surfers to catch the best waves as they happen.
Developed by surfing accessories manufacturer Volcom, and Stab magazine, the Dock is a 30 metre long floating dock weighing in at 500 kilos, designed specifically for surfers. Thanks to the Dock, there’s no need to paddle or even successfully pull off the take-off: much like a launching ramp, the artificial dock enables surfers to catch waves in mid-flight. The platform, which is made up of interlocking air-filled plastic cubes, was set up in the sea using ropes and cables, and weighed down by an anchor. It makes life easier for surfers who just have to jump from the dock that floats on the water, although doing so requires a certain amount of skill and vigilance!

The Dock was tested exclusively by pro surfers in a busy spot in Bali. Mastering the unpredictable movements of the platform caused by the waves proved to be a very difficult and technically complex endeavour. After a few haphazard tries, the surfers called the experience fun and dangerous, although they discovered a fantastic new tool "creating new possibilities in surfing".
An extra shot of adrenaline for thrill-seeking surfers!

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