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The Bic razor, still the sharpest of the bunch

The Bic razor, still the sharpest of the bunch
The Bic razor, still the sharpest of the bunch

One of the Bic family's better known progeny is the razor. As famous as its older siblings: the pen and the lighter. The brand's first razor made its appearance in 1975 after two years of research. In 1973, Bic founder Marcel Bich was considering launching a razor that would be safe, easy to use and accessible to all. The first single-piece disposable razor with an integrated blade and a lightweight orange plastic handle was born. 

It was the first razor to allow men to shave quickly and safely. Previously, men had to use a straight razor, also known as a cut-throat razor, or visit the barber. The Bic® 1 was an instant success. Since its launch, over 60 billion disposable Bic razors have been sold throughout the world, in over 160 countries: a planet-wide success while also becoming an object with a timeless design.

The product is a simple one, but the process is complex: 12 operations are required, and 23 different tests are conducted! The steel is heated to 1,100 °C and then sharpened to surgical precision. The edge of the blade is made 3,000 times finer than a strand of hair. The blade is then coated with a polymer that acts as a protective film, enabling it to glide better across the skin. Polystyrene's high fluidity enables the thin layers of the hollow handle to be injection-moulded .

Bic® razors are manufactured entirely in Bic production units, ensuring quality is guaranteed throughout the manufacturing process. 

The Bic® razor is currently number 3 worldwide in disposable razors, behind the English Wilkinson company and the American Gillette company.

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