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The Bookworm bookcase: classic modern design

Thirty years ago, designer Ron Arad created a remarkable bookcase, both in terms of its unique shape and its technological performance. The Bookworm hasn’t aged a day since; in fact, this timeless, original piece remains a must-have even now.
The Bookworm bookcase: classic modern design
The Bookworm bookcase: classic modern design

The visionary Bookworm bookcase is the fruit of a collaboration between two great names: Israeli artist and designer Ron Arad, one of the most influential designers of his generation, and the Italian company Kartell, a global specialist in designer furniture. Arad’s bold creativity and non-conformism are matched by Kartell’s unique industrial expertise and unrivalled knowledge of plastic processing techniques.

When technology meets artistry…

This flowing bookcase was created using extrusion technology without compromising its strength or functionality. The result is an artistic triumph, just as the designer imagined: a bookcase with no right angles that can be shaped as required.

The Bookworm is a modular bookcase that can assume almost any shape, depending on the creativity of its lucky owner. Made from solution-dyed PVC, it takes the form of a long ribbon evenly ribbed with bookends, each of which can support around 10 kg, providing both flexibility and strength!

A flexible and modular architectural piece

Highly technological, profoundly innovative and resolutely non-conforming, the Bookworm was an instant hit from the moment it was launched, and it quickly became an iconic piece of furniture.

Available in three lengths and 8 colours (white, turquoise, red, aluminium, blue, etc.), Bookworm is still produced by Kartell today.

This iconic work has been exhibited in numerous museums, including MoMA in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

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