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The timeless Panthella lamp

The Panthella lamp was created in 1971 by renowned Danish designer and architect Verner Panton. Iconic of the seventies, this table lamp remains one of Panton’s most recognisable pieces even today.
The timeless Panthella lamp
The timeless Panthella lamp

Contours and functionality

Produced by Danish lighting specialist Louis Poulsen, this little lamp features a simple, understated design. The round lampshade and flared base act as reflectors, diffusing the soft, even light that was so important to Panton. The light source is subtly hidden behind the milky white hemispherical shade, and the white trumpet-shaped ABS base accentuates light distribution. The lamp boasts an innovative, futuristic design for its time, but it remains incredibly functional and effective.

An innovative, futuristic design

With its organic shapes and beautiful ambient lighting, Panthella became an instant success from the moment it was launched. In fact, this lamp was soon offered in additional sizes, and new versions started to appear, such as floor lamps, portable lamps and LED table lamps. Initially only available in white, Panthella was eventually given a new lease of life following the release of its Mini version in 2016. This table model is available in a palette of 11 bright shades (orange, mauve, pink, etc.) designed by Panton himself just before his death in 1998.

Verner Panton was interested in light and artificial light sources throughout his life, and he considered a lamp to be as much a part of the decor as the rest of the furniture. Between 1955 and 1998, he designed over 25 lamps. This influential Scandinavian artist is just as relevant now as he ever was, having created iconic, timeless pieces — such as his famed eponymous chair — that still inspire designers today.

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