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The Louis Ghost chair: A modern piece of furniture that’s become a cult classic

The Louis Ghost chair, designed by French designer Philippe Starck in 2002 for the Italian brand Kartell, is an iconic piece of contemporary furniture. Blending past and present, its unique aesthetic will give any room an original touch.
The Louis Ghost chair: A modern piece of furniture that’s become a cult classic
The Louis Ghost chair: A modern piece of furniture that’s become a cult classic

A daring and unconventional mix of styles

Philippe Starck’s gift for design, like always, is expressed through a combination of styles. The inspiration behind this piece is the Baroque period — more specifically, Louis XVI’s armchair. This was then combined with ultra-modern material, creating something that can only be described as a revolutionary piece of furniture.
Entirely made of polycarbonate, this beautiful chair is characterised by clean lines — whether transparent or coloured (yellow, orange, green, blue, smoky or black) — and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It will complement any style of décor and look great within both classic and contemporary interiors. What’s more, its design is practical and can be stacked up to six high.
Philippe Starck states: “Actually, the Louis Ghost chair designed itself. It’s a ‘Louis something’, a sort of ghost, a reflection, the shadow of a chair in a style that I have called Louis Ghost, the ghost of Louis. You’re not sure exactly what it is, but everyone recognises it and sees it as something familiar. It’s here when you want to see it, and you can blend it in if you want to be discreet.”

A technological and aesthetic challenge

Kartell was the first company in the world to use polycarbonate for furniture and other aesthetic purposes. This chair is a daring example of how this challenging material can be injected into a single mould. This is a complex process as it requires the polycarbonate to flow over the entire surface of the mould before it solidifies and causes breakage (which in turn would cause the mould to deteriorate).
There’s no doubt that this chair flies through the visual test, and it’s equally as successful in the strength test: this first polycarbonate chair is stable and resistant to all kinds of knocks and scuffs.

Since its launch over 20 years ago, the “Louis Ghost” chair has proven to be a real hit. With more than two million sold, it remains an extremely attractive and elegantly ironic piece of furniture.

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