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The snowglobe… a timeless object!

The snowglobe… a timeless object!
The snowglobe… a timeless object!

This spherical object, which was originally made only of glass, is now made mainly of plastic: twenty grams of plastic are enough to create the two half-spheres, transparent for the front and tinted for the back. The next steps involve adding a decorative background, water and plastic flakes to represent the snow when the globe is turned upside down, and a small rubber cork to close the hole. 
Created in 1889 on the occasion of the Exposition Universelle held in Paris, the first "globe" called the "snowglobe", was designed to contain an image of the Eiffel Tower! Locking the structure into a glass ball was a stroke of genius. Simply stunning and fascinating!
Starting in 1920 and well into the 1950s, the snowglobe took the form with which we are familiar today. The snowglobe trend was launched, and they would be produced around the world. Every city, every monument had a snowglobe to represent it, it was the most fashionable "trinket" to be had. Subjects were plentiful: monuments, landscapes, tourist sites, characters, and more. 
The snowglobe has many names in various languages, including the "boule neigeuse" and the "boule à eau" in French, the "boule qui neige" in Swiss French, Snowglobe, Snowdome, Snowstorms, Dreamglobe, Waterglobe, Schneekugel, Traümkugel, and more.
The snowglobe has come a long way: starting as a trinket souvenir and becoming a prestigious souvenir. Snowglobes then began to be used as advertising with characters from comic books, cartoons and films, "Christmas" snowglobes and even musical snowglobes. 
Renowned artists also created their own snowglobes, including Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz who transformed them into veritable "objets d'art". Many internationally renowned luxury brands such as Ladurée, Martin Margiela and Sonia Rykiel also surfed the wave of the retro trend which can provide a high added value.

3D, 2.5D, digital printing and scented versions, snowglobes are constantly evolving! Starting out as a simple holiday souvenir, they have become highly sought-after collectors' items. So much so, in fact, that many snowglobe collectors seek out "rare" globes.

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