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Used World Cup cups recycled into football fields

A football pitch made from 50,000 cups used during the 2018 World Cup was inaugurated in Sochi, Russia.
Used World Cup cups recycled into football fields
Used World Cup cups recycled into football fields

With over three million spectators in the stands, it is easy – or maybe not so easy – to imagine how many plastic cups were used in the 12 cities that hosted the football matches over the course of one month!

A lawn unique in the world

In any case, 50,000 of them stamped with the Budweiser Red Lights logo were collected in the stands after the football matches and at the Fan Fest meetings: the cups were crushed and shredded into small pellets. This amounted to two tonnes of recycled plastics that were used as a raw material to manufacture the covering of a new football pitch measuring 65 metres by 42 metres. This unique pitch, which is particularly resistant according to those who have already tried it out, is uniquely-coloured in the red and white of Budweiser, one of the World Cup sponsors which financed the project in partnership with the local organising committee of the 2018 World Cup.

The new pitch, christened "ReCup Arena" was inaugurated with great splendour in April and should host amateur and professional matches.  

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