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Wave Bumper: the removable plastic seawall

French company Wave Bumper, founded in 2017, has developed a method to protect against flooding during storms and cyclones. This method takes the form of a removable seawall. It uses patented technology to send wave energy back out to sea and reduce the impact of the next wave.
Wave Bumper: the removable plastic seawall
Wave Bumper: the removable plastic seawall

A removable polypropylene seawall…

A new method for protecting the coastline is currently being tested on the French Atlantic coast, particularly in La Tranche-sur-Mer in the Vendée region, as this part of the coast is particularly vulnerable to adverse weather.
The system — which is not anchored to the ground and is therefore totally removable —consists of a series of polypropylene bags (known as “BigBump”) filled with sand that come together to form a seawall. The resulting barrier is lightweight, easy to use and quick to install.

… coupled with curved blocks to push waves out to sea

This solution is combined with the patented “BumperBlade”, a curved block that’s placed on the BigBump bags and faces the ocean. These send waves back out to sea, preventing them from crashing into and weakening the coastline. This innovative solution, which is essentially a rigid shield made from polypropylene and composite materials, reduces the risk of marine submersion and erosion.
Romain Chapron, Wave Bumper’s CEO, points out that “the goal of our solution is to protect without causing any damage.” Removable and respectful, this is a promising solution for effectively reducing the risk of erosion, silting and submersion.

A solution that concerns 60% of the world’s population!

Sixty percent of the world’s population lives less than 150 km from the shore and less than one metre above sea level! There’s an urgent need to protect people and property… After the tests in France, Spain expressed their interest in using Wave Bumper in the town of Getaria in the Spanish Basque Country. The American army has also just placed an order for a custom-made module (named “the Fenceblade”) to protect a New York district from flooding.
Over the past four years, Wave Bumper has developed protection modules adapted to various severe weather conditions: cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoons. This technology is protected by six patents and has won numerous awards in innovation competitions, including the Blue Ocean Awards. They’re currently in the process of working with the European Space Agency to design an application that can predict changes in the coastline. The company also aims to acquire a composite factory within the next year so that they can handle their own production.

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