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Bonici Box: the reusable pizza box

The decision to move from cardboard boxes to plastic boxes is a bold one… However, this is precisely what Jérôme Bonici — president and founder of Pizza Bonici — has done.
Bonici Box: the reusable pizza box
Bonici Box: the reusable pizza box

Goodbye greasy cardboard boxes, hello eco-friendly reusable ones! Dubbed the “Bonici box”, this new reusable and recyclable packaging was conceived and designed in 2022 by the German company Pizzycle. It’s made from moulded polypropylene, a material chosen for its robustness and heat and scratch resistance. The packaging consists of two identical 27 cm diameter rounds — the bottom and the lid — and is equipped with an innovative slide lock that allows users to open and close the pizza box intuitively. This reusable box also has air vents to keep the pizza crisp and fresh.

Helping to reduce waste

Every month, the 73 Bonici establishments generate one semi-trailer (about 80 m3) of waste cardboard boxes that cannot be recycled because they’re contaminated with food residue. Yet, these boxes are used for little more than 20 minutes. For Jérôme Bonici, offering a reusable box that can be reused more than a hundred time sis a necessary commitment that will help reduce waste.

A cheaper, more durable alternative

This eco-solution is brought full circle by the customers, who just need to wash their pizza box in the dishwasher, put it away and then reuse it when the time comes. As you might expect, the Bonici Box does come with a small additional cost, but each time customers order a pizza and collect it using their box, they’ll benefit from a loyalty card system. If they buy nine pizzas, they’ll get the 10th free. After just 15 uses, this new polypropylene pizza box will represent a sustainable and cheaper alternative to the standard cardboard box.

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