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A prairie robot

A prairie robot
A prairie robot

The Swedes have achievements other than Ikea: Husqvarna, for instance, which is a major manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment.

Their new automatic lawnmower Automower® 260 ACX makes the tedious job of mowing large lawns a thing of the past. 
The largest in the Automower series of lawnmowers is for semi-professional use. The freely programmable machine is able to handle 6,000 square meters and has been developed specifically for large lawns typically found in recreational areas or on company grounds.
To protect the expensive electronics from the effects of wind and weather, the designers at Husqvarna selected Luran® S, the ASA (acrylic ester-styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer) from BASF, for the approximately 80-cm-long, almost square housing. 

This especially weather-resistant material withstands extreme heat and rain and the dark grey surface, shown here, retains its high-gloss appearance after years of use.

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