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  • Plastics appeal to the senses
    Daily life 5 min

    Plastics appeal to the senses

    Plastics and the five senses. Not an unusual subject, as polymers are often involved in enhancing our senses...

  • School time with plastics
    Daily life 3 min

    School time with plastics

    Plastics have found in school supplies, and particularly, in writing instruments, a permanent outlet for which the diversity and technical performance of polymers are more important than the quantitie...

  • Plastics seek out extremes
    Expert views 4 min

    Plastics seek out extremes

    An interview with Quadrant, world leader in the processing of high performance plastics....

  • The next generation beehive
    At a glance 2 min

    The next generation beehive

    Two Australians could soon be revolutionising the world of beekeeping. They recently created the Flow Hive, a beehive that enables beekeepers to harvest honey without stress or injury to the bees, and...

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