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  • Polymers help pets and other creatures
    Daily life 5 min

    Polymers help pets and other creatures

    The animal cause has been heard, as evidenced by the many countries who have integrated it into their legislative arsenal. Animal welfare is almost second nature to plastics, so much so that they even...

  • Sex, plastics and libido…
    Daily life 5 min

    Sex, plastics and libido…

    First associated with the purely medical side of sex, the plastics industry has nevertheless been able to keep up with changes in social mores without sacrificing health-related requirements....

  • Plastics that nurture
    Daily life 3 min

    Plastics that nurture

    The family is growing...the baby's arrival is a special and magical event. Parents want only the best, to pamper and to protect the little one. A birth is always accompanied by a multitude of new obje...

  • Health: focus on intraocular lens implants
    Expert views 2 min

    Health: focus on intraocular lens implants

    Dr Christophe Pagnoulle, Research and Development Director with PhysIOL, a commercial firm initiated by Liège University (Belgium) to capitalise on innovation in the field of intraocular lens implants...

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