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  • Polymers - High fibre innovation
    Cutting Edge 6 min

    Polymers - High fibre innovation

    A little over half of the world’s textile output is used by the garment industry where Natural fibres though very much used are being steadily being ousted by artificial or synthetic fibres, which are...

  • Intelligent textiles
    Cutting Edge 4 min

    Intelligent textiles

    As an old industry gets a new lease on life, flirting with nanotechnology, biochemistry and state-of-the-art electronics, it gains new power to transform the way we work, live, travel and care for our...

  • Recycled plastics for fashion victims
    Planet 3 min

    Recycled plastics for fashion victims

    At a time when corporate ethics and social responsibility are increasingly in vogue and the state of the environment has everyone worried, fashion designers, ready-to-wear stores, clothing manufacture...

  • Upcycling: ethical and aesthetic recycling
    Planet 2 min

    Upcycling: ethical and aesthetic recycling

    Several years ago, a new word entered our vocabulary, without our knowing exactly what it meant: Upcycling, a new trend found in all four corners of the world...

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