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Anti-terrorist robots

Anti-terrorist robots
Anti-terrorist robots

Three robots specialising in reconnaissance, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and armed attacks were unveiled at the 2015 World Robot Conference that just ended in Beijing, in a context where terrorist threats are on the rise throughout the world.

The robots, which are the size of a toy, can be coordinated with each other on a battlefield.

The scout, or reconnaissance robot, is tasked with detecting suspicious events such as toxic gas, hazardous chemicals or explosives by using a camera and a sensor.
Based on an analysis of the type of explosive and the need for evacuation, the small explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot and the armed attack robot will take over the mission.
The small EOD robot will move in and neutralise the bomb. Weighing around 12 kilos, it was specially designed for soldiers who operate alone. It is made of a aluminium and industrial plastic alloy and can be worn on a soldier's back.

The armed attack robot, the attacker, was developed to carry small arms, recoilless rifles and grenade launchers. It is equipped with a telescopic sight and a trigger, and can hit a distant target.
I addition to anti-terrorist operations, there are many other possible applications for these robots: they can be used to fight fires, for public safety, in agriculture and forestry, and even the maritime environment.
The main thing is to use them properly!
In 2014, China became the world's largest consumer market for robots for the second year running, according to the statistics published by the China Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA) in August. Sales of robots in China increased by 54.6 % in 2014 to around 57,000 units, representing 25 % of the world total.

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