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Canibal, the waste eater

Canibal, the waste eater
Canibal, the waste eater

Canibal is an original, intelligent and fun waste disposal unit for containers of drinks consumed outdoors. With the appearance of a coffee vending machine, it takes cans, small bottles of PET or coffee cups of PS and PP which, once swallowed by the machine, are sorted according to the type of waste, then compacted in specific compartments. Canibal can keep up to 6,000 containers in its stomach. A GPRS system reports when the machine is full. Once it is removed from the entrails of the machine, the sorted and compacted waste is taken directly to appropriate processing centres where it can be recovered. “For each material we have identified the regional partners capable of guaranteeing us this processing stage,” explains Stéphane Marrapodi, one of the partners at the company which markets the machine. This allows us to keep journeys to a minimum and reduces the machine’s carbon footprint.” 
Whilst because it is not a question of Canibal emitting CO2, everything is being done to limit its ecological footprint.

As the icing on the cake, the machine rewards its helpful and participating eco-citizens with a small gift. Not every time though…only when the meter which spins before their eyes displays the same images: it’s a jackpot!.
The lucky winners can then right away choose, on the screen, between different discount vouchers from the main distribution outlets which are partners in the scheme.

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