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Solar impulse flies USA

Solar impulse flies USA
Solar impulse flies USA

The Solar Impulse team has set itself a final mission before attempting its around-the-world flight in 2015 - crossing the USA from West to East, without using a drop of fuel.

The "Across America" event kicks off in May 2013 in San Francisco with stopovers in Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta or St. Louis and Washington, ending in New York about two months later, depending on local weather conditions and winds.

With a Jumbo-Set wingspan (63.4 m) and the weight of a small car (1600 kg), Solar Impulse will be the first aircraft powered only by solar energy and able to fly 24/24 day and night uninterrupted, to cross the United States.

The Across America mission is getting financial support from its usual partners: Solvay, Schindler, Bayer MaterialScience, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and the Swiss Confederation.

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