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Universal paint

Universal paint
Universal paint

Cave paintings are as old as man himself and oil paintings are common – not just in museums. And the latest? Universal paint. It is an epoxy resin called Resinence Color and which can be applied on any surface.
Any surface? Yes, definitely. It was developed after a technique known to Italian decorators and is now used to renovate or decorate any kind of surface, whether on walls or on the floor: tiles, enamel, stoneware, wood, parquet, plaster, steel, aluminium, stainless steel… 

It is not magic, it’s plastics. 

Furthermore, its heat and water resistance means that it will work on any surface:  even radiators or shower tiles.
Are you fed up with your chocolate coloured bathtub? Repaint it in turquoise! Just abrade the old paint lightly and paint it anew in black, mole, slate grey, silver, chocolate, red, turquoise, anise green, sand, ivory or white.

The Resinence family also developed Resinence Déco, for floors. A transparent, self smoothing and odourless epoxy resin to be applied on the painted coating once it is dry. It protects the rejuvenated surface against table legs, stilettos and other sharp objects.

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