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Vision Venture, a futuristic motorhome

The motorhome of the future is a 100% German creation. The result of a collaboration between Hymer and BASF, the VisionVenture motorhome was recently unveiled to the public at various trade fairs, and to say that it was a success is an understatement!
Vision Venture, a futuristic motorhome
Vision Venture, a futuristic motorhome

A warm, modular and smart interior

Developed by world-renowned motorhome and caravan manufacturer Hymer, based on the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 utility vehicle, the VisionVenture concept car provides a glimpse of what motorhomes could look like in the very near future. A small luxury apartment on wheels whose matte green paint job gives it a very rugged look, it is packed with innovative technologies that are particularly evident in its interior design. The kitchen unit is integrated into a staircase that also incorporates many small storage spaces. Opposite that is a pivoting wall that can be used to transform the space, converting it either into a shower cubicle or a toilet area. The passenger seat can be converted into a small desk thanks to a movable tablet that retracts into the wall. In the back, the lounge area is fitted with two large benches, and the tailgate can be opened up to convert the space into a terrace, which is even fitted with an electric barbecue hidden in a drawer. Finally, a hinged roof surmounts a comfortable sleeping area that can be accessed by a staircase. The entire interior offers a warm and luminous atmosphere created by the large panoramic windows.

Lightweight materials

The vehicle’s designers created this comfortable and ingenious interior by combining innovative high-performance plastic materials developed by BASF with lightweight and natural materials such as slate, leather, wood, felt and even bamboo. Part of the wall covering was designed as a multifunctional rail system used to hang objects and decorative elements.

Heat-insulating materials for maximum comfort

BASF contributed a number of innovative materials to the design of this motorhome, such as the pneumatic roof which can be raised using compressed air. Its 7cm-thick honeycombed canvas can be filled with hot or cold air in about 1 minute, thus increasing or reducing the temperature in the sleeping area. Similarly, the temperature inside the vehicle is always pleasant thanks to the highly-resistant dark green paint which covers the outside of the vehicle: BASF’s temperature regulating and energy-efficient Chromacool technology reduces heating on the surface of the vehicle by 20°C and reduces the heat inside by up to 4°C.

Another novelty is that some of the parts of the vehicle’s body are 3D printed, providing them with an extremely robust rubbery texture.

This is all very appealing, of course, but it must be recalled that the VisionVenture is a concept car and that it will certainly never go on sale! Nevertheless, many of the innovations found on board will be integrated into production models that will be launched on the market in a very near future, potentially as early as 2025.

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