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Aeklys by Starck, a ring bursting with technology

Aeklys, the contactless connected ring that can replace a bunch of keys and a wallet, is a marvel of technology.
Aeklys by Starck, a ring bursting with technology
Aeklys by Starck, a ring bursting with technology

Designed by Philippe Starck, this smart ring created by Icare technologie, a Corsican start-up dedicated to miniaturised technology, went through a number of iterations before being commercialised.

After having lost a car key in the sand and experiencing the resulting problems, Jeremy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola came up with the idea of creating an object that could open car doors and could be worn in such a way as to not be so easily lost or stolen. Initially designed as a bracelet, it was quickly replaced by a ring for ergonomic reasons. 

An autonomous and secure ring for everyday use

The two partners founded Icare Technologie in 2016 and unveiled the first prototype of a ring designed to replace keys, badges and other means of payment at the CES in Las Vegas in 2017. There followed 2 other notable appearances in Las Vegas in the following years, numerous awards at trade fairs around the world and around thirty patents registered. Aeklys by Starck was ready for commercialisation.

This small, minimalist 5-gram ring made of ABS and TPU is an identification system. The entirely autonomous ring, which comprises neither screen nor battery, is equipped with NFC (Near-field communication) technology which enables its users to make contactless payments.

However, that is not the only advantage it offers: Aeklys also offers a range of dematerialised and integrated services, such as validating access to public transport, sharing a digital business card, unlocking a computer, etc.

Intuitive simplicity and ultra-secure use

All you have to do is configure it in a dedicated application, put it on your index finger and press it with your thumb to operate it in complete safety. Thanks to a patented Wave Control® security system, the ring only activates when the wearer wants it to, preventing the risks of data theft. And, of course, only the wearer of the ring can use it. It is deactivated once removed from the finger and is therefore unusable if lost. As Aeklys by Starck recovers its energy during use, it does not need to be recharged, and does not require a phone to operate.

Other services are currently being tested and the list of its functionalities should soon be extended: unlocking and starting the car, fuel badge, connection and management of home automation systems, tickets and boarding passes, loyalty card, etc.

As a Starck design, this smart and connected ring is distinguished by its more oval than round shape and shines by its pure design combining pearly white and matt black. Finally, it has a patented coating that kills 99.8% of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

In short, this high-tech ring has a bright future ahead of it, and as its creator puts it: “The road towards dematerialisation pushes us ever closer to the body. Aeklys by Starck is the closest object to the human being, the smallest object that offers such concentrated power and services. The possibilities offered by the ring are infinite, the only limit is our imagination.” Ph.S

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