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Inflatable bar carriers!

What is the best way to easily transport your snowboard, paddleboard or kayak? Or simply increase your vehicle’s storage space without spending a fortune on a roof box or a trailer?
Inflatable bar carriers!
Inflatable bar carriers!

The simple and quick solution is Handirack, an inflatable roof rack designed to fit on most two- and four-door cars.
While traditional roof racks are complex and time-consuming to install, the universal and removable, inflatable Handirack is easy to install and remove, quickly and without tools: it can be assembled in under five minutes without tools, except for the included high-capacity pump, and there is no risk of scratching the roof of your car! When inflated, the two inflatable polyester and reinforced PVC bar carriers are held in place by straps stretched around the roof.
When installed they can carry a maximum load of 80 kg; your paddleboard, boat or kayak will be comfortably installed on an ultra-durable, lightweight cushion compliant with the ISO/DIS11154-1E standard.
When not in use, the two “bars” can be rolled up, stored in the transport bag provided for the purpose and placed in the vehicle’s trunk until the next use.
A new, smart and practical accessory which can come in handy for surfers and kayakers, as well as occasional movers and holidaymakers who have run out of space before going on holiday!

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