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The first glasses that make travelling fun again!

Who has not fallen prey to motion sickness and its accompanying nausea during a trip? What can be done to fight motion sickness?
The first glasses that make travelling fun again!
The first glasses that make travelling fun again!

In July, car manufacturer Citroën launched the “Seetroën”, the first glasses able to eliminate motion sickness in cars, planes, trains or boats, etc.
Motion sickness chronically affects over 30 million Europeans. One in three people suffers its symptoms at least once in their lives.

The end of motion sickness
The glasses, made up of four neutral lenses, two in front of the eyes and two on the side, which are as odd as they clever, function according to a basic principle: they recreate the horizon line using a coloured liquid encased in the frames. As soon as the vehicle starts moving, the liquid moves left to right, but also forwards and backwards, finally helping to get rid of motion sickness!When the first symptoms appear, the glasses are to be worn for ten to twelve minutes to resynchronise the brain with the movement felt by the inner ear. They can then be removed and the rest of the trip enjoyed.

A paramedical and high-tech white plastic pair of glasses
The “Seetroën” glasses use technology developed by Boarding Ring, a French start-up. This patented and tested paramedical device offers a 95% rate of effectiveness.
Citroën also entrusted the design to 5.5, a Parisian collective design studio, using the Brand’s hallmarks of freshness, simplicity and ergonomics. The result is a high-tech white plastic pair of glasses that are soft to the touch.

Suitable for adults and children aged 10 and over, the glasses do not have corrective lenses, so the whole family can share them and they can be placed over existing glasses.

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