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A designer anti-fatigue safety shoe: the Jallatte J-Energy

A highly-technological and stylish shoe has just made its appearance in a rather stuffy world, that of safety shoes. Its specifics: a shock-absorbing sole from the running world which absorbs and rebounds over 50% of the energy accumulated while working.
A designer anti-fatigue safety shoe: the Jallatte J-Energy
A designer anti-fatigue safety shoe: the Jallatte J-Energy

Jallatte®, the French manufacturer of safety shoes and boots for the construction industry innovated with its new anti-fatigue safety sneakers christened J-Energy.

A new anti-fatigue sole

Designed by the company’s R&D department in partnership with a design firm, they have an outsole that recovers the energy produced by walking. They were developed in partnership with BASF which provides the material: an expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) sold under the name of Infinergy®. Thanks to its unique honeycomb structure, this new material is as lightweight and flexible as foam, and as elastic and resilient as rubber, and offers dynamic shape memory properties and above-average cushioning. The result: a sole with a tangible propulsion effect that rebounds up to 55% of the energy accumulated while walking, thus considerably reducing the feeling of fatigue. It is no coincidence that the winner of the last New York Marathon and seven of the 10 first-finishers had that same technology in their shoes!

A new look for safety sneakers

These sneakers, whose look is inspired by the world of sportswear, are intended for those who walk long distances on a daily basis, such as logistics workers, the employees of mass distribution centres and postal sorting centres, hospital industry professionals and construction workers in particular, as well as all other employees required to walk long distances, given that people in some professions can walk up to 14 km per day in the context of their duties.

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