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The Scrubba wash bag, a portable mini washing machine

Small, lightweight, flexible and extremely handy, the Scrubba is the world’s smallest wash bag and an essential companion for campers, cyclists, hikers or even students who lack space.
The Scrubba wash bag, a portable mini washing machine
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The Scrubba wash bag, a portable mini washing machine

Who has not had to contend with washing piling up while abroad, while waiting to come across a laundromat on their itinerary? Unless you are travelling light, in which case the chore will become all the more pressing, and even then finding a sink or basin is not always easy!

A mini travel-sized washing machine

The Scrubba was invented by Australian traveller Ash Newland. After struggling to wash his clothes on a daily basis during a 6-month trip in Africa, he began thinking of ways to solve the problem. Ash concluded that only a highly-flexible washboard in a resealable water-tight bag could be used to wash his clothes during his trips. Thus was born the Scrubba, a very compact polyester and polyamide backpack weighing 142g which can be used to quickly do washing for two (t-shirt, socks, underwear) using a small amount of water (maximum 3.5 L). It owes its effectiveness in particular to the quality and flexibility of the flexible washboard integrated into the bag, which is made of small plastic pellets. The inside of the Scrubba wash bag is treated to make it water-tight and water-resistant, and to limit microbial growth, even in humid conditions.

Nothing easier than the Scrubba washbag!

The principle of the Scrubba wash bag is very simple: simply place the laundry in the bag, add water and soap, seal the bag by clipping it closed, squeeze the air out and massage the laundry vigorously. Three minutes later, the washing is done and it just needs to be rinsed and left out to dry!

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